MIPTV Student Pitch Challenge

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      Wed, Apr 10

MIPTV Student Pitch Challenge

10-04-2019, 11:00 - 12:00

Palais des Festivals, Kids Creative Room, Palais -1

In MIPTV’s new student-only pitching competition, spot emerging talent and a new generation of ideas.



Seven Keys is a reality game show format that brings the escape room trend to television. It's an intriguing mix of unscripted and scripted TV, targeting a millennial audience. Seven contestants are sent to live in amansion belonging to an enigmatic fictional character named Frank. Frank is so mysterious, he's never seen by contestants or viewers, however he can be heard throughout the show as his voice flows through a gramophone. Once the contestants enter the mansion, they must go through a series of escape rooms - each thematically related to Frank's life story. Each episode they enter a new escape room, and must work together to find clues, solve puzzles and eventually claim one of the seven keys to the next escape room. The contestant who finds the key wins the challenge, and is safe until next week. However, the rest of the contestants fall at risk of getting eliminated and must face another challenge to determine who will continue to the next episode. Frank's story gradually unfolds through each of the escape rooms, and the contestant who manages to go through all seven of them will uncover the entire story and win the big cash prize.


Created by: Kateryna Kononenko, Catherine Marcy, Delisa Hernandez, Olga Kobzar | University: Regent’s University London | Country: UK



What happens when grandparents and teens unite? AGE ON STAGE is an intergenerational family game show where digital natives and their analogue grandparents pair in teams in order to test how well they know each other and the time of their youth. This will require some preparation at home, but will also cause a burst of humor on stage. Target audience is as wide as the participants on the stage, which includes all family members (7-77). In this daily, access prime time show we will find out, for example, if grandparents can recognize kids on the photos with aging filter applied. Do they know what's their grandchild's favourite video game? Can a blindfolded teen identify its grandparent by touching its face? Would a kid know how to explain what is an LP record? Will grandparents be able to predict what would their teens do if they had found 100 euro bill on the street? All participants will leave the show with a rewarding emotional experience that brings them closer together and bridges the generation gap. The winning team also gets out with à nice cash prize!


Created by: Andjela Zebic, Aleksandar Kaludjerovic, Dimitrije Radenovic, Nemanja Lekovic | University: Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. | Country: Serbia



Aperopolis is a world where salt trafficking lurks around every corner and where alcohol extracted from liqueur chocolates is being bootlegged to hidden speak-easies all around. It needs order. It requires a hero. It needs...Pistachino! Well not really, but he's here so... Pistachino is a pistachio convinced he is a Kung Fu master and he swore an oath to this world of snacks after his master died. Assisted by his trusted Jamal and female Detective Cashew, he karate chops his way through crime in Chilicago, Verrines Beach, Cheddar West. He hopes to find his Sensei's killer along the way and become a true hero. They're all going to get a taste of Kung-Fu: WATAAA!


Created by: Clément Gournay, Eric Noto-Loubier, Vaibhav Keswani, | University: Gobelins, l’école de l’image & CEEA (Conservatoire Européen d’écriture Audiovisuelle) | Country : France



League of Dreams is a combination of talent-show and reality-show with elements of an interactive mobile game. For 15 weeks, we will be observing the life of a youth team in a football academy - training with the champions, life beyond the courts and exciting matches. The best wins. LoD is scheduled to be shoot and broadcasted week by week, combined with fixtures of real youth league. Sporting endeavours of upcountry boys (a contract with a professional football club) led by ambitious trainer and his professional staff will be interwined with boys private lives and problems in their teenage lives. The innovation is to combine footage made by participants with a reality materials. By implementing innovative mechanisms of gamification our program will keep the viewers engaged during, and outside of the program. The application also allows to develop football skills and knowledge about football.


Created by : Mateusz Kozak, Bartosz Bednarz | University/Company : Lodz Film School / Filmnovation | Country: Poland



Paul Boross




Matt Graff, Managing Director, ZIG ZAG PRODUCTIONS

Christoph Fey, Entertainment Lawyer, UNVERZAGT VON HAVE


Maria-Jose Vadillo, Media Consultant, BY SIDE

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