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Jack Habra

Job TitleCEO

Company NameReminiz


Jack Habra is the CEO of Reminiz, the first AI able to provide granular, verified and uniform live metadata at large scale. Jack is a former AI researcher and founded Reminiz 5 years ago with the ambition to create an AI able to understand and sort large volumes of videos automatically. With a team of 25 people, Jack oversees the company's vision and the way to answer the industry new challenges such as brand safety, contextual advertising or recommendation. 


About the company:


Reminiz uses proprietary AI/ML technologies in order to generate relevant, homogeneous and verified data at scale from any kind of video services, from live streams to on-demand platforms. This innovative solution enables identifying with surgical precision presence of public figures, logos, settings, emotions and interactions. Reminiz works along the media industry on providing services such as Brand Safety automation, live stream monitoring, contextual advertising or content recommendation at scale.

Conference Sessions


    14-10-2019, 09:40 - 10:30, Auditorium A, Palais 3

    In a series of fast-paced presentations, breakthrough start-ups and tech companies reveal how technology plus content fosters original creative and opens up new...

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        Mon, Oct 14
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        D2C Tech
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        Presentation / Study