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Oliver Berben

Job TitleExecutive Board Television, Digital Media, Entertainment

Company NameConstantin Film


OLIVER BERBEN (born 1971), joined the Constantin Film AG Managing Board on January 1, 2017. The newly created division “TV, Entertainment and Digital Media” concentrates the development and creation of all national and international productions of the company that are not intended for cinema exploitation. Oliver Berben founded MOOVIE GmbH in 1996, which became a subsidiary of Constantin Film AG in 1999. In January 2009, Oliver Berben also assumed the position of Managing Director “Production” of Constantin Film Produktion GmbH. All in all, Oliver Berben has produced more than 180 films and series for television and cinema. His current TV projects include SHADES OF GUILT I + II + III (2015, 2017, 2019), THE TYPIST (2018), PERFUME (2018), THE MASTER BUTCHER (2019), WE CHILDREN FROM BAHNHOF ZOO (2020) as well as the internationally successful TV series SHADOWHUNTERS.


About the company:

Constantin Film AG is an established name in the German media landscape. Since its beginnings, with THE NEVERENDING STORY and THE NAME OF THE ROSE, it has had a profound influence on German movies in the last 40 years – both domestically and internationally. Cinema continues to be our passion, but it is just one of many. Our aim today is to entertain everyone on all channels perfectly and at all times. From the star-studded Wednesday sneak preview to the family TV movie on Sunday, from the movie theater seat to the couch or on the road, from the world premiere to the final episode of the series, from regional comedy to Hollywood blockbuster, for young or old, with depth or chill factor.

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    14-10-2019, 14:45 - 15:05, Esterel, Palais 5

    International content powerhouses unveil their creative approaches and business strategies to develop, finance, produce and distribute platform-agnostic content...

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        Mon, Oct 14
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