Speaker Profile MIPCOM

Cem Karcı

Job TitleDirector

Company NameATV


Born on 3rd May 1982. Graduated from Marmara University Radio-TV. His mothertongue is Turkish and he speaks German and English. TV Series 2009-2013 Ezel 2012 The Cliff 2012-2014 Karadayi 2015 Pretty Little Liars (Adaptation) 2016-2017 Flames of Desire 2018 Gülperi 2019 Hercai Movies 2018 Everything Is Beautiful with You Awards 2013 Best Director – Golden Butterfly Awards

Conference Sessions


    15-10-2019, 17:30 - 18:30, Salon Croisette, Palais 4

    Presented by ATV.   HERCAI is one of the latest phenomenal Turkish dramas that has been followed by all over the world. Meet with HERCAI’s talents and directo...

    • Language: English
      1. Event Date
        Tue, Oct 15
      2. Event Theme MIPCOM / MIPJunior
        Industry Spotlight
      3. Event Type MIPCOM / MIPJunior

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