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Chen Rong

Job TitleChief Editor

Company NameChina Media Group


Chen Rong, PhD, born in 1983, graduated from Communication University of China, majoring in communication. Chief editor, director of China Media Group Programming office planning group. She has been working as a news reporter in the news center of China Central Television for seven consecutive years, and participated in the news of Beijing Olympic Games, G20 summit, APEC and other major events. At present, she is responsible for the overall planning of major publicity reports and important activities in the chief editor's office.


About the company:

China Media Group, formally established on April 19, 2018, is one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. It was created through the merger of China Central Television (incorporating China Global Television Network), China National Radio, and China Radio International. CMG operates a vast broadcasting network, comprising: 47 television channels, of which seven international channels offer content in six languages to 162 countries and regions across the globe; 17 radio frequency bands targeting a Chinese audience and radio programming in 44 foreign languages targeting a global audience; three major news websites, a diverse array of mobile apps, and social media accounts on platforms based both inside and outside China; 20 newspapers and periodicals with nationwide circulation; a global reporting network of 72 bureaus in 62 countries and regions, with regional production centers in Washington DC, US, London, U.K. and Nairobi, Kenya; and an international news agency providing video news services to more than 3,000 media organizations worldwide. Based on its rich, high-quality news content resources, CMG has built the world’s largest audio-visual archive, containing almost three million hours of material. It produces around 900 hours of TV programs and 4,400 hours of radio and online audio content on a daily basis. CCTV News, the prime-time evening show that is popular across China, attracts an average audience of 120 million. Among CMG’s special productions is the annual Spring Festival Gala, a visual spectacular that in 2019 was watched by 1.1 billion people in China and overseas, of whom 527 million accessed it online. CMG has laid out the ground-breaking strategic plan of “5G+4K/8K+AI” and assembled the first state-level 5G new media platform. It has pioneered the production and broadcasting techniques in the 8K format. It also established China’s first 4K resolution satellite channel. CMG has entered into comprehensive cooperation agreements with more than 100 overseas media institutions, establishing varied and broad partnerships in news content sharing, programme co-production, personnel visits, and broadcasting technology exchanges.

Conference Sessions


    14-10-2019, 10:30 - 11:00, SONY 4K&8K THEATER

    China Media Group (CMG), created in April 2018, brings together China Central Television (incorporating China Global Television Network), China National Radio, ...

    • Language: English
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        Mon, Oct 14
      2. Event Theme MIPCOM / MIPJunior
      3. Event Type MIPCOM / MIPJunior
        Panel Discussion

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