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Brad Bestelink

Job TitleFilmmaker

Company NameNatural History Film Unit


Founder of the Natural History Film Unit, Brad Bestelink is a 4th generation Botswana native who is captivated by the extraordinary wildlife of his country. Brad is a naturalist, bushman and veteran filmmaker who has lived in the wilds of Botswana for most of his life. His deeply ingrained bush sense gives him an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, evidenced by the astonishingly powerful and intimate stories he captures of the wild. Brad pioneered filming wild Nile crocodiles underwater, he captured the amazing tale of a wild dog that adopted jackal pups (Solo, A Wild Dogs Tale), leopards that fish (Africa’s Fishing Leopards) and lions that hunt elephants (Africa’s Giant Killers and Return of the Giant Killers). He pushed the boundaries with the concept of wildlife as scripted drama and the no holds barred approach of Savage Kingdom, a returning series for National Geographic. With films like these he has earned multiple nominations and awards around the world for Photography, Animal Behaviour, Best Story and Best Natural History Feature. Most recently his latest productions The Flood and the continuation of the Savage Kingdom series have both earned Emmy nominations. Brad has contributed to more than 75 hours of Landmark Natural History programming for a variety of international broadcasting platforms including the BBC, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, NHK Japan, Channel 4 France and ZDF. Brad’s mission is to create beautiful, truthful and honest documentaries to foster an intrinsic appreciation and understanding of nature. With his films he aims to reach both within and beyond the borders of Botswana to teach people about the importance of the wild places, and the necessity to remain connected to the natural world.

Conference Sessions


    15-10-2019, 11:30 - 12:30, NHK 8K Theatre

    Botswana-based filmmaker Brad Bestelink will talk about a new co-production of NHK and ICON/NHFU on the Okavango Delta. Attendees will hear what 8K means for th...

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        Tue, Oct 15
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