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Daniel Ramos

Job TitleInternational Marketing Director

Company NameSociograph



Daniel Ramos is International Marketing Director of Sociograph, a consulting firm of marketing science located in Spain and Mexico. Daniel is a graduate of Valladolid University where he received a Master in International Trade and Marketing. His knowledge for media has brought him to do a PhD focused on kids content. 

Passionate about media sector, he has a focus on applying new methodologies for analyzing media content. Some companies he has worked with are Mediaset España, Kaleidoscope Entertainment, Warner Bros, Pepsico, Tendam, VIPS and L’Oréal.


About the company:

Sociograph is a Marketing Science consulting firm specialized in analysing media content with an exclusive analysis system aimed to reliably determine the effectiveness of media content before it airs.We offer professional consultancy services based on market research (qualitative and quantitative methods), combinations of data (Big Data) obtained from hundreds of cases analysed in real environments and neurotechnologies adapted to market requirements.

Conference Sessions


    16-10-2019, 09:30 - 10:00, Auditorium A, Palais 3

    Imagining a world where audience engagement can be measured by facial coding, eye tracking, and electrodermal activity is no longer a sci-fi dream. With the evo...

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        Wed, Oct 16
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        D2C Tech
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        Panel Discussion